Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Boys

As you know, we have two boys. Ryan is now 11 and a half and in the 6th grade, and Reed is 8, in 2nd grade. They are so different from each other. Sure, they both like to play and be loud and goofy. But when it comes right down to it, they have completely different personalities. Training them and teaching them takes time and patience. Two things very few parents nowadays seem to take the time to do. Anyone reading this, probably knows me well enough to know that I am always rushed and rarely patient. So.. how do I change that?
These past few days, I have thought so much about how quickly the boys are growing up. I was chatting with a friend of mine last week, and learned that his three sons had a 15 year old friend that committed suicide. Less than 24 hours later, another 15 year old friend ended his own life... For whatever reason, these two 15 year old boys felt they had nothing to live for. When something like that happens, I think parents should take a step back and examine their own children. Not through our own eyes, but through theirs. This chat with my friend left me asking myself these questions...
Do I really know my boys?
Do I spend enough time with them. together? individually?
Do they know that I love them? Do I say it enough?
Do I ask their forgiveness when I have treated them wrongly?
Do I teach and train them or just scold them when they don't do things just the way I would?
Do I point them to Jesus or do I make God and church a mockery to them?
Am I raising gentlemen or just another couple of guys?
Do I hold their Daddy up in the way I should to them?
What can I do to help them daily?
How can I encourage them to be happy and content with where God leads them throughout their lives?
Do they KNOW that they can ALWAYS talk to Mama or Daddy about ANYTHING?
Do I pray for them like I should?
Have I taught them how to pray and the power of prayer?
The list goes on and on my friends. Ryan and Reed need my time. They need my undivided attention. They need my patience (what little I have). And they need my love. Yes, they need training and discipline. But that alone, will not suffice. God has placed these two boys in my life. They are mine. Mine and Nathan's. God gave them to us to raise them and train them for Him. Too soon these two boys will be young men. They will graduate from highschool and perhaps go on to college. Then one day, they will marry and have children of their own.
I want to spend every day between now and then doing exactly what every parent should. Loving, training, enjoying, teaching, disciplining, praying for and with, encouraging, guiding, playing with, supporting... Because. THEY. ARE. WORTH. IT.

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  1. This is So true Tenille! What a great reminder! Sometimes we lose site of what is truly important as we go about our life. Thank you for the encouragment for me to spend more time with my boys also!