Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preaching Jubilee

Nate broke the bungee run. 3 Times!!!
Nate did a backflip and Reed did a front flip.
Grandpa Hoffert and Ryan jousting
Nate getting a kiss from the clown (that would be ME!!!)
little brother-Stephen Thomas
We have had a wonderful weekend at MABC! Saturday was our bus carnival and I clowned again this year. Sunday was our first Friend and Family day. It was wonderful to get up and go to church at 10!!!!!! I was thrilled to have Crystal Rae come spend the weekend with us and go to church with us. This was the first time our church people have been able to enjoy the carnival and our family did just that.

Monday evening Dr. Clarence Sexton preached. Pastor Brown ended up preaching the second service due to flight problems for Brother Bobby Roberson. His sermon called "Mush the Bag" was a big hit! Guest preachers were so happy to hear him speak. Brother Bobby arrived in time for the Tuesday morning service. We then had a huge meal for all those that came. The teens are at the mall ice skating and everyone will return in time for the evening service at 7. Can't wait to hear what God has for us tonight!!