Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Long Time Comin'

Hello my old friends! It's been awhile. A LONNNNG while. I am not as computer literate as most of you so I have not blogged in quite some time. Now that I have figured out a bit of the picture thing on the laptop, I will try to blog more often. Let's face it, blogs-pictures=boring. (Yes, I'm the kind of gal that looked at the pictures in books instead of reading them.)

The above picture was taken at the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium this past June. The Cards have been my favorite team since I was in the 4th grade, however; I had never been to a game until this time. It worked out great because Nate's favorite team is the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are in the American League and the Cards are in the National League, so they rarely ever play each other. Just so happened they played in St Louis last year so we took the opportunity to make it a mini vacation for our 12th anniversary. The Cards won so it was a great trip!! Actually everything about the trip was so great that we bought tickets and booked the same hotel to go back this June. CAN'T WAIT!!

The "Swaffer Clan"

You know how hard it is to get family pictures taken? Especially if the family doesn't live together? Heidi and Stephen were out in California for college this year but while they were home for Christmas break, we decided to get some snapshots of all the kids and grandkids for Mom and Dad Swaffer. Not an ideal setting, but we all happened to be there at the same time and Mom Hoffert had her camera on-hand to grab a few shots.

The Runners

Nathan has been running for a while now and has recruited a few other people. This was the 5K Demon Dash in Washington. Nate finished 2nd in his age division and 4th overall. Ryan ran for the first time and finished in 30 minutes and 7 seconds. #217 in the background is Gabe. He has become Nate's running partner. This was also his first 5K. He got first place in his age division and finished 8th overall. They push each other pretty hard and they are both crazy enough to run for miles just because they want to. Glad it's them and not me!

Homeowners Finally

After 12 years of marriage, we finally bought a house. But not just A house. THE house. We had prayed for many years about purchasing a home but nothing worked out. We just kept waiting and looking and praying. And what do ya know? TA DA! We found a house that we both love. God gave us the perfect house for us. We've been here almost a year and love it a little more all the time.

I know it's been a long time comin' with this blog update. Like I said, I will TRY to do better. Not making any promises here.