Sunday, February 5, 2012

Arizona, December 2011

Still haven't quite figured out how to blog correctly so to read the story, look below the first picture. This top picture is a place called JumpStreet. It is a place with large, wall to wall trampolines, trampoline dodgeball courts, a foam pit, ect.. everything Nate, Ryan and Reed would love to have in our back yard.. (Besides the skatepark of course.) We only jumped for less than an hour, but was totally worth having to go to Target and buy new shirts, and a few things to freshen up before our flight back home on Saturday. :)Nathan spent several years in Oklahoma as a child and was a Boomer Sooner fan before moving to Iowa. He then became a Hawkeye fan as well. (Not a problem, they are in different conferences, and haven't played each other since 1974.) That is until this year's Insight Bowl Game. He had always told me he would love to see them play each other, just never thought it would actually happen. On the day the game was announced, I posted a status on my Facebook page about it and mentioned in passing that I would love to get tickets and book a flight to Arizona, never thinking for a moment I could actually do just that. But that's how little I know, and how BIG my God is!! Greg (Pastor Hawkeye) and Teresa Fairow are former clients of mine who moved to Oregon this past year. They were my favorite clients ever. Always encouraging and uplifting. The first day I met them, I realized he is a HAWKEYE fan, and she a cyclone. He is a (stinky) Cubbies fan, and she a CARDINALS fan. So what better combo? He's my favorite during football season, and she is during baseball season. (At least that was the on-going joke.) NOW. Back to Arizona....
After posting that status, I got a message on my FB page from Teresa saying she knew where I could get tickets... after several days of getting things in order, we had plane tickets bought, a hotel and rental car booked and we were thrilled to be heading south in December. We flew down on Thursday and flew home on New Year's Eve. It was a wonderful trip we will never forget. (And did I mention...somebody wouldn't let us pay for the tickets to the bowl game?? How awesome is that???!!)
Pastor Hawkeye (Greg), Teresa, me, and Nathan
Iowa Hawkeyes vs Oklahoma Sooners -good game, gorgeous weather-Insight Bowl 2011
Nathan and I at the top of Camel Back Mountain. We hiked this on Friday, before the game. It was a great workout, about 75*, and when we got to the top, there was a Christmas tree... Somebody is very creative.. :)

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