Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hawkeye Wrestling Meet

For Valentine's Day every year, our church has a banquet. Once again this year, Nate had to work. Another couple in our church had invited us to go to the Hawkeye Wrestling Meet that same night. They later decided to go to the banquet since Nate couldn't go, and then they asked if I wanted the tickets to the meet. They had gotten them for free so just passed them onto us. The boys were so excited and to top it off, a neighbor boy Ryan's age got to go with us. We enjoed the meet and then went to McDonald's for supper and ice cream afterward. (That was my favorite part of the night.) :-)

Ryan and Russell
Mom and Reed
Coaching staff Tom and Terry Brands

Hawkeyes Win.....BIG....49 to 0

We had a great evening. Thanks Steve and Kelly!

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