Friday, March 12, 2010

The Blues Are Gone!!

In February, our landlord finally agreed to have someone come in and replace the toilet and the floor around it in the main bathroom. Andy, the construction man, said when he tried to remove the stool, his foot went through the floor. It was quite the disgusting job, but I was so thankful to get it done. Our house was originally a school, and then built onto to make it a home. It still had the original ***UGLY*** blue stool and sink, right along with the horrific pink plastic tile walls. The landlord would not allow us to tear off the tiles, but in the end, the sink had to be replaced as well. Bummer, huh? NO MORE BLUE!!! I was told there is a special paint that can be used to cover the tiles and then regular bath paint will adhere to them without scraping right off. Lord willing, I will eventually get to paint over the nasty pink. But for now, I am so thankful to be able to use the downstairs bathroom, without the possibility of falling through the floor when you sit on the toilet. :-)

The new sink even has room to set things on the edges. Can't wait to paint in here. Any color suggestions?
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  1. WOW.. I think this is a record... TWO posts in TWO days !! It is WAY easier with your own computer, huh?!?!? Keep up the good work... We enjoy seeing what you are up to and those three guys of yours :O)