Sunday, February 7, 2010

Skate Shoot

In October, Sarah met us in town to get a few shots of the family. It was a beautiful day and the boys brought their skateboards along. I had worked all morning so after changing in our van and slapping on some make-up, I met them on the square. We started out in an alley and it seemed to work really well. Love having Sarah do our pics. She is very creative, not to mention she is one of very few that can make Nathan smile for a camera!!! Thanks sis.

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  1. BEHOLD! She blogs! :) I loved shooting you guys....I think you're my favorite family to shoot!

  2. I am glad we were able to "hook up" and get another post on for you !!! Will be SO glad when you can get your computer. I KNOW you will really enjoy blogging on a regular basis :O) I really like the pictures... IT IS SOOOOO "YOU" !!!